Eyelash Services in Fairfax, VA

At Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates, we offer a range of eyelash services to help you achieve and maintain full, luscious lashes. These treatments are available to our patients in Fairfax, Washington DC, Arlington, Annandale, VA, and neighboring cities.

Eyelash Services in Fairfax, VA

3D Lash Lift (45 min)

3D Lash Lift is approximately an hour-long treatment that can add curl and definition to your natural eyelashes for seven to 10 weeks. Your lashes will look beautiful and nature curls from any corner.

Lash Lift is a low maintenance lash solution using your own lashes. These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift. You will look more awake and even more youthful. Add a tint to go with the lash lift service to make it really pop!

The process includes:

  1. Cleaning your lashes.
  2. Using the adhesive to apply a silicone shield to your eyelid. Then, we will use the same adhesive to brush all the natural lashes up onto the shield to give the lashes shape.
  3. Apply lifting cream on your lashes for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the lifting cream and then apply a setting lotion for about five to 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the shield, clean and apply coating and nourishing oil. You will have gorgeous lashes that look real, longer, and thicker.

Eyelash Extensions Full Set (120 min)

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Each lash is individually attached to your natural lashes with a gentle adhesive. This is to prevent the eyelashes from sticking together. When applied properly, neither the eyelash extension nor the glue should touch the eyelid because it may cause irritation. This was designed to last until the lashes naturally fall out, which is usually around three to four weeks. After that time, new lash growth will need to be bonded, making lash extensions a regular monthly service if you wish to maintain the full look.

Eyelash extensions give the appearance of having mascara on without the messy clumps and smudging of makeup. Generally, a single lash is applied to each natural lash.

Whether you have lost your lashes for any reason or are merely looking for voluminous lashes, our eyelash extensions will open up your eyes and make you feel and look as beautiful as you are!

Mink Full set (120 min)


Lash refill/Mink refill (60/70 min)


Eyelash Tint (30 min)

Eyelash tinting makes your lashes look longer and thicker. You won’t have to apply as much mascara to your lashes. Tinting is perfect for all seasons, especially when you don’t want to worry about mascara running or looking so pale after swimming. We use specially formulated and safe hair tints, which are uniquely designed for the sensitive eye area, giving a wholly natural look with eyelash tinting. A range of colors and shades are available for use on all skin types. An increasing number of men find this a subtle way to enhance their appearance. This service dramatically enhances one’s look without being obvious.

The eyelash tinting procedure involves:

  1. Cleansing your eyelashes
  2. Cosmetic pad applied to lower lid
  3. Tint is carefully applied to the lashes for five to 10 minutes
  4. Tint is then removed and area is cleansed. You are then free to wear additional makeup, if desired

The life cycle of the eyelash hair is approximately four to six weeks. After this period of time, the hair will have returned to its original color. The treatment can be repeated on a regular basis, and it is common for clients to return for tinting monthly.

To learn more about our eyelash services or to try them for yourself, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates welcomes patients from Fairfax, Arlington, Washington DC, Annandale, and the nearby areas of the DMV.