Mole Removal in Fairfax, VA

Moles are usually just an annoyance that patients would like to eliminate for clearer skin, but at times, they can be dangerous. Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates offers mole removal to residents of Fairfax, Washington DC, Arlington, Annandale, VA, and nearby areas.

What is Mole Removal?

Moles are small, pigmented spots on the skin that are typically brown in color. Although they are usually harmless, many patients choose to have them removed in order to achieve clearer skin. In some cases, however, moles can be a cancerous growth that are a sign of skin cancer. A dermatologist can help you determine if a mole is suspicious and if it needs to be removed. Moles can be removed by freezing, burning, or cutting them out of the skin.

mole removal

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

The cost of your mole removal at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates can vary, and may be covered by health insurance. If this is the case, we will determine your coverage during your consultation in order to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. In an effort to keep our treatments accessible, we are proud to accept CareCredit® financing in addition to traditional payment methods.

When is Mole Removal Recommended?

Mole removal is only a necessity if a mole has signs of being cancerous. Moles that have recently appeared or developed changes in size, color, or shape should be inspected by a dermatologist. If a mole is determined to be suspicious, it will be removed so that a biopsy can be performed. The biopsy will reveal whether the mole is cancerous and requires further treatment.

What if My Mole is a Cancerous Growth?

If it is determined that your mole is cancerous, we will be able to recommend you with the appropriate skin cancer treatment. When caught early, skin cancer treatment is relatively quick and easy. For this reason, we encourage patients to have regular full body skin exams and be aware of changes in the skin to catch anything suspicious before it becomes serious.

If you have noticed changes in your mole or would like to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons, contact us today at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates. We welcome patients from Fairfax, Washington DC, Arlington, Annandale, and the neighboring communities of the DMV.