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A neck lift performed by Dr. Reza Mirali can dramatically improve your appearance by eliminating sagging skin and excess fat, removing wrinkles, and toning muscles. He welcomes men and women living in the area of Fairfax, Virginia to contact Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates to learn how a neck lift can restore a more youthful appearance.

Neck Lift Q & A

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What are the benefits of a neck lift?

Changes that naturally occur as you get older cause sagging skin and loose fat in the jaw and neck. Then over time, these changes turn into jowls, a double chin, or a slack and furrowed neck. A surgical neck lift removes excess skin and fat, restores a refined neck contour, and gives you a more youthful appearance.

A neck lift is good option for men and women who don’t like the amount of aging in their neck, but are happy with the appearance of their face. In addition to eliminating sagging skin, a neck lift will correct vertical neck bands caused by loose muscles and smooth wrinkles and creases. A neck lift will improve your appearance now, and the area will continue to age naturally over the years.

How is a neck lift performed?

Like any surgery, a neck lift is usually done using general anesthesia, but before you get to that point, Dr. Mirali will examine your neck and chin and explain the best surgical option. Depending on the goals of your neck lift, there are several incision choices, but they’re usually made in areas that are concealed, like at the hairline. During your procedure, Dr. Mirali may remove skin and fat, redistribute or sculpt fat, reposition tissues under the skin for better tone, and tighten muscles.

Why does Dr. Mirali’s expertise and training make an important difference?

Any time you undergo surgery, you want a physician who is board certified in surgery. When you’re having facial surgery, you want a physician who is board certified in plastic surgery. Dr. Mirali holds dual certification in both specialties. He’s also a trained and experienced specialist in facial reconstruction, so you can be confident that you’re getting exceptional care.

The physician performing a neck lift also needs to understand and appreciate how the shape and structure of your neck fits naturally with your face. Dr. Mirali has this deep sense of aesthetics and takes the time to use it as he performs your neck lift. If you’re considering a neck lift or have any questions about plastic surgery, please call Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates to schedule a consultation.

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