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After skin cancer surgery, patients often need reconstructive surgery to repair the area where tissue was removed. Dr. Reza Mirali serves patients at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates in Fairfax, Virginia, where he offers the experience and expertise you need to reconstruct skin after cancer surgery and restore your normal appearance.

Skin Cancer Q & A

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Why do you need reconstructive surgery following skin cancer treatment?

The three major types of skin cancer have different characteristics that determine the extent of surgery required to remove them. Basal cell carcinoma can invade surrounding tissues and melanoma can quickly spread throughout the body. Squamous cell carcinoma can cause significant damage by growing deep into the skin.

If your cancer was caught early, you may not need reconstructive surgery. But sometimes removing all the cancer also means losing a lot of skin and tissue. As a specialist in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Mirali can repair the disfigured area.

Can the doctor who removed your skin cancer perform the reconstruction?

Skin cancers are removed by trained dermatologists using a variety of surgical techniques. Some dermatologists may have experience in reconstruction, but they’re focused on identifying and removing all of the cancer while keeping as much of the healthy skin as possible. To get the best results, your cancer treatment team should include a plastic surgeon with expertise in reconstruction.

When deciding who should perform reconstruction surgery, consider these factors:

  • Location of cancer: No matter where your cancer is located, you’ll want the area to appear as normal as possible after it’s removed, but that’s especially true if it affects your face. A plastic surgeon is trained to reconstruct the damaged area while minimizing scarring. Nose reconstruction can be quite complex, so it should be done by an expert in plastic surgery.
  • Size of skin cancer: A small cancer may only need a few stitches after its removed to close the incision without leaving much of a scar. However, cancers that are large or deep and require removal of a significant amount of tissue should be reconstructed by a specialist.
  • Cancer recurrence: If your cancer has returned, scarring and tissue loss from previous surgeries make reconstruction more difficult.

How can Dr. Mirali help people with skin cancer?

When you need delicate or complex reconstruction following skin cancer removal, you need Dr. Mirali and his specialized experience in soft tissue reconstruction. Call Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Associates to schedule a consultation before your cancer surgery because reconstruction is often performed at the time of cancer surgery or shortly afterward. Don’t worry about your appearance following skin cancer surgery. Let Dr. Mirali guide you through the process.  


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